Looking To Lose Weight before the Wedding? What Are Your Options?

An engagement ring is the ideal motivational factor for any woman with regard to achieving weight loss goals. This is because she wants to look her best for the wedding event itself where many guests will be in attendance and the honey moon also. The wedding deadline therefore works as the best inspirational factor for most brides-to-be. Unfortunately, many women resort to quick fixes and extreme measures to lose weight. Such methods fail to be effective and may even be detrimental to their health. This article will focus on some effective and healthy ways that brides-to-be can use to drop some pounds before their big day.

Options for achieving weightloss
There are numerous healthy and effective options of achieving weight loss before your wedding, some of the notable ones include the following:


It can be defined as a 28-day weight loss program which offers clients prepackaged foods. The breakfast options are inclusive of pancakes, granola, muffins and oatmeal. Dinners and lunches include chicken and pasta; pizza and stew, chilli and soup. The program stipulates cookies, cakes and brownies for snacks and desserts.
The program also provides numerous dairy products, fresh meat, nuts, vegetables, fruits as well as other foods that can be consumed with the Nutrisystem foods. Nutrisystem focuses on a variety of nutrients and only requires a medium level of effort from the bride-to-be.

This diet is ideal for brides-to-be that want convenience of not thinking about planning, cooking, shopping and portion sizes. This is because the meals can be delivered on your door step in pouches. Read more about saving money on with Nutrisystem coupons.

Smart sampling

It is advisable that brides-to-be keep the portions of food that they are sampling small. This is applicable to when they are sampling the food of the wedding caterer or even the wedding cake. They can also reduce their intake of sugary foods for a number of days if they know that sample an array of sweets.

Prioritize fitness

Eating the right type and quantity of food is just a single part of the equation as fitness is equally important. They should workout with a higher frequency than before so as to lose weight. The workouts should increase on the days of food sampling so as to burn more calories.

Limit alcohol

Alcohol is quite high in calories and should be completely avoided by the bride-to-be. Better ways of relaxing and relieving stress should be sought. However, it alcohol consumption is inevitable then servings should reduce and drinks that are diet-friendly should be selected instead.

Selecting healthy venues

It is advisable for the bride-to-be to choose healthy venues for hosting of the pre-wedding festivities such as outings, parties and showers. These venues should include healthy restaurants with affordable and nutritional meals.


It is important that the bride-to-be gets adequate sleep every night of about 7-8 hour hours and this should be inclusive of weekends. A consistent sleep scheduled will go a long way with regard to weight loss

Active lifestyle

The bride-to-be ought to be more physically active in the days leading to the wedding. It should be noted that this is in addition to a planned fitness program that is being adhere to. She can attempt performing short workouts and even discover simple ways of transforming downtime to active time.


The above tips should suffice with regard to losing weight before a wedding and the different options of achieving it. Getting in shape for your wedding doesn’t have to be expensive either. Online shops and training programs often run deals and specials, make sure you check out a site like CouponCause.com to find the latest coupons and promotions.

5 Tips for Stress Management

5 Tips for Stress Management

It is crystal clear that everybody on this earth has at some point experienced the whole problem of stress. Perhaps this is because life is something we are not able to control in most instances. When one is often stressed, the situation puts you at risk for depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other related problems. The question now becomes, are you in a position to manage your stress, or has it enslaved you?

So what is stress management?

We all react to stress quite differently. There is never a general solution to stress management due to this. If you feel like you’ve reached a point of no return, then it is probably the time for you to take appropriate action. Stress management mainly involves altering the stressful situation if you can, changing your respective reaction when you can’t, making appropriate time for relaxation and rest and finally taking good care of your life.

What are tips for managing stress?

If your current techniques of managing stress are not leading to your greater physical and emotional health, it is time to try new healthier ones. Again, you should bear in your mind that no single technique turns out to be positive for everyone in every situation. You should, therefore, employ varied strategies and techniques, focusing mainly on what makes you feel comfortable and restores your peace of mind. So below is a list of tips that you can use to lower your level of stress.

1) Accepting the things you cannot change.

The truth of the matter is, many stress sources are practically unavoidable. You are not in that position to change or prevent stresses including a serious illness, a national recession or the loss of a loved one due to death. When in such situations, the best thing you can do that is healthy is accepting things the way they are. Additionally under this, you should also embrace the art of forgiveness. You must admit that we dwell in a society which is not perfect, and thus people may make mistakes. Kindly let go of resentment and anger. It is again true that some stressful situations could be due to your previous poor choices. In this case, try to look at them as sources of your new opportunities, by reflecting on them and learning from them.

Accepting might prove to be difficult, but in the end, it is easier than fighting against something you can’t alter.

2) Creating time for relaxation and fun.

This is equally a good tip for managing stress. You should regularly create time for relaxation. There are lots of activities that you can engage in including; working in your garden, listening to your favorite music, watching a comedy show, going for a long walk or even calling a good friend of yours. Make time for activities that bring you joy, and keep your sense of humor by laughing a lot. If you didn’t know, laughing aids your body to repel stress in many ways.

Don’t get trapped in the bustle and hustle of life and forget to take good care of your priorities. You should grasp that motivating yourself is not a luxury, but it is a necessity.

3) Practicing a healthy lifestyle.

It has been proven that a healthy choice of lifestyle can increase your resistance to stress. Be watchful of what you take in as food. Start your day brightly with sufficient breakfast, and keep your day moving and a clear mind with a highly nutritious balanced diet all through.

Avoid drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol at all costs. Some individuals always resort to the use of drugs. Drugs may provide you an easy escape route, but the relief is always short-lived. As a piece of advice, kindly don’t avoid your problems, but deal with them with a clear and focused mind.

Also, the issue of enough sleep is very critical in stress management process. Enough sleep refuels your mind and your body at large.

4) Engaging socially.

In fact, social engagement is the most efficient and quickest way of managing stress. There is nothing better than communicating with another sober human being who makes you feel secure and important. This feeling of safety, as your nervous system perceive it, originates from cues that are nonverbal. Reach out and create meaningful relationships. Accompany someone to the movies, call an old ally, join a Christian dating site, meet new friends by joining a club or taking a class or confide in a teacher, clergy member or s sports coach.

Reach out to family members, but remember that the people you talk to have to fix your problems, but they just have to become good listeners. You should also understand that opening up is never a sign of weakness.

5) Exercising regularly.

Regular exercise plays a key role in preventing and reducing the stress effects. This does not imply that you have to be an athlete. Just short bursts of activity of even ten minutes are capable of elevating your heart rate thereby giving you more energy and hope. Walking, swimming, running, tai chi, aerobic classes, and dancing are all good productive activities of relieving stress.When you exercise, you will find it easier to incorporate other stress management tips into use. Here is a video of some easy ways to get started on exercising at home.

The Bottom line.

Stress is a very daunting task to manage. And when not properly controlled, it leads to numerous health issues and even death in some instances. However with the help of the above-described tips, you can be sure of effectively manage your stresses.

The Search For Inner Peace

Thanks for taking the time to look at my new website. If you’re seeing this post then you probably found us in the early days of our new adventure.

Our mission for SearchingForGrace.com is going to be a resource for those of us who are going though transitions in our lives and are searching for a way to make peace with the problems that are before us.

Most people’s search for grace usually stems from some internal or external stress that we currently face. We all deal with those stresses differently, there is no one solution that will work for everybody. That’s not to say that we can’t learn from others that have been though tough times themselves. As we learn from one another we have the opportunity to learn what works for us. The key is to find healthy ways of dealing with our problems. To many solutions that people turn to keep us from finding our search for grace.

This is the first post of many that you will find here that detail my own “Search For Grace”. I want to leave you with this inspiration video that I recently found on YouTube from bestselling author Noah Elkrief. For those of you who are feeling overwhelmed at this moment, I think you’ll find this video immediately calming. No doubt you’ll have questions as well, if that’s the case I suggest you look at more of Noah Elkrief’s videos and blog. Take a look at “The 5 Steps” in particular, I personally found these steps very useful and simple to follow.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this. I hope you visit our site again and learn more about our journey to inner peace.